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Alexander Spanos Net Worth

How rich is Alexander Spanos?

Alexander Spanos Net Worth:
$1.1 Billion

Birth date: 1962-02-21
Birth place: Leeds
Profession: Banker
Education: Columbia University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Lara Lerner
Children: Nick Lerner, Max Lerner, Chase Lerner
Parents: Nancy Wolkoff
Siblings: Nancy Lerner


Alexander Spanos net worth, wiki & biography:

A selfmade real estate mogul who purchased the Chargers for $70 million in 1984, Spanos’s closing NFL heritage may come down to whether he moves the team to Los Angeles (or sells to someone who does). He was a swimmer at University of the Pacific, he worked in his parents’ bakery. Began catering business 1951 with $800 loan; plowed gains into property. A.G. Spanos Cos. has assembled 120,000 flats in 19 states in 6 decades. Alex Spanos is married to Faye Spanos, is a father of four and lives in Stockton.

Is Alexander Spanos's Net Worth Deserved?

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