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Augusto Giorgio Perfetti Net Worth

Augusto Giorgio Perfetti Net Worth

How rich is Augusto Giorgio Perfetti?

Augusto Giorgio Perfetti Net Worth:
$7.5 Billion

Birth date: 1937-06-10
Birth place: Montelepre, Sicily, Italy
Profession: Businessperson
Nationality: Italian Canadian
Spouse: Mirella Saputo
Children: Joey Saputo, Nadia Saputo, Lino Saputo .Jr
Parents: Maria Saputo, Giuseppe Saputo
Siblings: Maria Saputo, Frank Saputo, Elina Saputo, Luigi Saputo, Antonina Saputo, Rosalia Saputo


Augusto Giorgio Perfetti net worth, wiki & biography:

Italian billionaire heirs Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti have a net worth of $6.4 billion as of May 2015. Their family began making a fortune by producing chewing gum in Italy, which the American soldiers brought overseas during the second world war. The company started in 1946 in a little town near Milan through their dad, Ambrogio, and uncle, Egidio. They began selling the Brooklyn gum, which will be named following the Allied troops in the mid-1950s. The company has exploded ever since along with the product continues to be popular these days. In 2001, it got Netherlands-based Van Mell. It became the candy and gum giant that sold $2.9 billion worth of sweets in 2013. It now has 19,000 employees in more than 39 nations around the world. Among their top-selling brands include Mentos, Airheads and Spain’s Chupa Chups, which they obtained in 2006. The Perfetti brothers, that are media-shy, now reside in Switzerland and they no longer run the company.

Augusto Giorgio Perfetti Net Worth $6.4 Billion

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