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Bernie Sanders Net Worth

Bernie Sanders Net Worth

Bernie Sanders net worth, wiki & biography:

Bernie Sanders who’s an American politician along with junior USA Senator in office since 2007 was born on 8th September of the year 1941. He could be the native of Brooklyn, NY, USA. His dad was Jewish immigrant from Poland whereas his mom was born to the Jewish religion parents in the New York. There, he’d competed on the institution ‘s track team. After in 1981, he was elected Mayor of Burlington which is the biggest city of Vermont. After in 2012, he was reelected with a landslide.

Bernie Sanders Net Worth $3 Million

In a interview together with the State on 6th March of 2014, he said that he’s willing to run for President of Usa. He declared on 30th April of the year 2015 that he’ll be running for 2016 Democratic party Presidential Nomination in a address on Capitol yard. To discuss his private life biography, Bernie has got married. He’s married to his wife Jane O’Meara Driscoll who’s a former president of the Burlington College.

Besides that, Sanders has reached in the age of 73. He’s also written novels and a few of his publication contains The Address, and Outsider in the House. He’s a self described democratic socialist. He’s also the active user of numerous social media including Twitter, facebook and Instagram. More details regarding his quotations, web site and email, we are able to locate it in other references.

Is Bernie Sanders's Net Worth Deserved?

  • CAStr8talk

    So what is Bernie Sanders’ net worth?

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      I was wondering that too. The writing in this article is atrocious and the headline is completely misleading.

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        Never have I seen such poor writing. I am a retired newspaper editor.

  • Jennifer Field

    Bernie Sanders Net Worth $3 Million

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      Did you really write this? I thought it was a child’s work. Please don’t quit your day job.

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        Made my day 😀

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      where did you get this figure?

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    Who wrote this, a fifth grader?

  • disqus_iKl87UbGah

    Mr. Sanders will tell you his Net Income on his tax return which is not his net worth…..he is tricky!

  • Tony Shell

    Bernie and his wife are multi-millionaires. They will never admit it but it’s the reason he doesn’t release his full tax records. They will show he’s just as money greedy as any Koch brother. Otherwise? Why hide it?

  • Ellen Eubank Staley Henry

    Where is your source what is your proof? you cant just make up a figure and make it a statement you idiot.

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