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Cascada Net Worth

Cascada Net Worth

How rich is Riccardo Cascadan?

Riccardo Cascadan Net Worth:
$7 Million

Profession: Actor


Cascada Net Worth $7 Million

Cascada’s Net Worth is estimated to be $7 Million. Cascada was founded by vocalist Natalie Horler, Yann Peifer and German DJ Mania in 2004.

Cascada have close to 15 million digital downloads and have sold over 5 million albums all over the world. Because it is certainly one of Germany’s top rated Eurodance performance, Cascada represented Germany at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Malmo, Sweden.

At 17, Natalie Horler worked for various DJs. They later teamed up and chose to make music. Initially, they released their songs under the name Cascade but were forced to change their name into Cascada due to the existence of a musician having the same name (Kaskade). They signed a contract in 2004 and released the song “Miracle”. Miracle did not bring much attention. The firsts song that made the world know about Cascada was “Everytime We Touch”. Since then, they have made several hit songs.

Is Cascada's Net Worth Deserved?

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