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Chad Hugo Net Worth

How rich is Chad Hugo?

Chad Hugo Net Worth:
$55 Million

Birth date: February 24, 1974
Birth place: Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
Height:5' 6" (1.68 m)
Profession: Songwriter, Record producer, Musician, Keyboard Player, Singer, Saxophonist, Guitarist
Education: Princess Anne High School
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Rachel Hugo
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album
Music groups: The Neptunes (Since 1992), N*E*R*D (Since 2001)
Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Rap Song, Satellite Award for Best Original Song, Billboard Music Award for R&B Songwriter of the Year, She Wants to Move, Squeeze Me, Spaz


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Chad Hugo net worth, wiki & biography:

Charles Edward Hugo is a musician and producer who’s also an associate of the N.E.R.D. He plays piano, keyboard, bass guitar, saxophone and guitar. That is all that Chad generally tells to his supporters about his family. In a music video, he revealed Rachel, his children and his house. There are not any gossips about any secret relationship, physical or psychological domestic violence, arguments or other issues that would lead the couple to divorce. He never discussed his private life, the issues or other associated details to the media. He said that his kids were 8 and 10. Until he revealed Rachel in his video, there were lots of those who believed that he had not been married and only had two kids. Most of the sources don’t have Rachel’s name or some don’t have any details about his union. There were a few rumors that said they were homosexual and were having a romantic relationship with other guys. Many narratives lined up saying that they saw Chad with a Japanese guy in public. Before Chad demonstrated Rachel, he was regarded as homosexual who’s rumored to have married a girl. There was an instant answer to the rumors saying that no one in NERD is homosexual and those rumors were untrue. There were no signs about who the Japanese guy was. Since there were no images to show it, the gossip expired. There are not any details concerning what started this entire homosexual gossip chain. This is the only gossip about Chad, till date. There were no gossips about separation or other issues. Without advice from Rachel and Chad, it must be reasoned that both of them were living a contented life, with no issues or any turns towards separation, in the close future. Even the sources quite close to him, will not understand about the things happening in his lifestyle. Chad never whined about his life to his buddies or in his social media reports. Without any supporting signs, the gossips about his have been declared as a bogus rumor. Besides these, Hugo speaks a lot about his profession, William and other details. He once said that he’s an ordinary man and a nerd and he loves to spend lots of time with his family, when he’s not involved in music.

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