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Charles Stanley Net Worth

How rich is Charles Stanley?

Charles Stanley Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Birth date: September 25, 1932
Birth place: Dry Fork, West Virginia, United States
Profession: Writer, Televangelist, Pastor, Photographer
Education: Luther Rice College & Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of Richmond
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Anna Stanley (m. 1958–2000)
Children: Andy Stanley, Becky Stanley
Parents: Rebecca Stanley, Charles Stanley
TV shows: The Chapel Hour


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Charles Stanley net worth, wiki & biography:

Additionally, he additionally served as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention in the mid-80s. He could be also a New York Times bestselling writer and was called into the ministry to preach at a youthful age of 14. His radio and TV shows captioned ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley’ are popular world-wide in which he harks back to fundamentalist, dispensationalist and evangelical theology. Dr. Stanley’s mission is to direct individuals worldwide so they could bond with Jesus Christ while reinforcing their local church. He’s well-known for his extensive familiarity with the bible, sharp knowledge and care for individuals, and for expressly sharing biblical truth through his down-to-earth teachings which are relevant to daily life. Despite several separations and reconciliation attempts, his wife filed for the divorce saying that she cannot make amends and their marriage was irretrievably broken. Dr. Stanley has mentioned youth problems as reasons affecting his relationship. She amended the 1992 application to legal separation and in 1995 event; she removed the application and consented to participate in reconciliation attempts with her husband Dr. Charles Stanley. Charles Frazier Stanleys high profile divorce led to conjectures about the reasons because of their separation. The Atlanta Journal Constitution in an article captioned ‘Ripped Asunder chronicled their private life, union and Annas reasons for a divorce through an open letter to her husbands church. For the reason that post, Anna said that she experienced many years of discouraging disappointments and married discord; as Dr. Stanley left their union and picked his precedence excluding his wife and son Andy Stanley. The unceremonious and quiet departure of Anna Stanley from Dr. Stanleys life caused a sense within the Southern Baptist congregation where divorce is considered a sin embracing the spirits of the Bible. Some pastors avoided Dr. Charles Stanleys while other groups including the people demanded his resignation. The saga continued for several years, even threatening to morph into a scandal. Not only did Dr. Stanleys neglected relationship break his family but it also was a danger to his ministry. Dr. Stanley didn’t have an affair nor did his wife have a boyfriend. He and his wife Anna divorced because their union was put under an tremendous amount of pressure in the media.

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