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Kool G Rap Net Worth

Kool G Rap Net Worth

How rich is Kool G Rap?

Kool G Rap Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Birth date: July 20, 1968
Birth place: Jamaica, New York City, New York, United States
Profession: Record producer, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Author, Rapper, Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Ma Barker
Children: Naim Wilson
Music groups: The Godfathers, Cold Chillin' Juice Crew (1983 – 1991)
Movies: Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jump-Off, Eyes on Hip Hop: The Pain

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Kool G Rap net worth, wiki & biography:

Kool G rap is a renowned rapper from America. He’s regarded among the most powerful MC ever. He hails from Queens, Ny. Many popular rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls and Nashave mentioned him as an influence. He’s regarded as among the leaders of Golden Age Hip Hop. Kool G Rap is regarded as the ‘Godfather of Hip Hop’. He’s among the finest MCs in the business. Nas, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube have set him in their list of the favorite rappers ever.

Kool G Rap Net Worth $1.5 Million

Big was the first rapper to narrate the actual narratives of suburban roads through Hip Hop. He’s got a net worth of 1.5 Million. Kool G is certainly a star. He is garnered this treasure as an outcome of hi attempts and commitment. He’s among the leaders of Hip Hop music. MTV gave him a honorable mention within their list of Best MCs ever.

“Growing up in Corona was like a little Harlem, it was not that difficult for a nigga to be affected by the road life kind of attitude. MTV was like 15 years old, Ma dukes could not dress a nigga no more and at that age you would like a little cash in your pocket. A nigga got trapped in that attitude. Nigga began selling drugs at a particular point, and all that shit, it is what was goin’ on in the roads … eventually all my buddies got smoked. All my buddies began packaging burners regular, we was crazy shorties.”

“What I’d was awful from my shoes to my pad. In the very first time in my life loan in cash to father. Now the table’s turned and my lifestyle substitutions. My name is Kool G Rap, I am on the road to the wealth.

“So, he fakes to be a guy, but he can not stand. On his own two feet because now he is in a brand new land. Rules are very different and so is life. When you believe with a shank, chat with a knife.”

“And it turned out to be a period when it was only a New York sound that has been dominant through the music genre of Hip Hop. And then it sorta changed over. Dominated the music genre of music. You know what I am saying? Therefore, you can not be mad at them now for coming up.” “What are you yellowish? You are hidin like a coward and the nigga do not let it, you get devoured. Cause you can not make do, cause I am dope and you do not have a prescription, so only walk like an Egyptian.”

He grew up along the renowned producer Eric B. DJ Polo subsequently introduced G rap to Marley Marl. Kool G Rap and DJ Polo recorded a track named ‘it is a demo’. Marley was s0 impressed by G rap he immediately signed him to his label. Road to Wealth is regarded as among the classic Hip Hop Records. It comprised conflict-rap lyrics and it put the basis for many artists including Nas, Eminem and Biggie. Their next record was launched in 1990: Wanted: Dead or Alive. It’s considered to bea classic record and was mentioned in the tune ‘NY state of mind’ by Nas. In 1993, Kool G rap split methods from DJ Polo to build a solo career. In 1995, G rap released his first solo endeavor ‘4,5’6. It achieved the amount 48 standing on the billboard charts. The record got great reviews from the critics too. The Giancana Story premiered in 2002. It was critically well received and sold a good amount of records. Kool G rap continued making mixtapes and featuring on records. The record got mixed to favorable reviews by the critics. The full record named ‘Riches, Royalty, Respect’ was launched in 2011. The album received generally favorable reviews from the critics. Kool G Rap has said that he needs to write scripts for films. He’s also in discussions to form a brand new clothing line.

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