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R. Kelly Net Worth

R. Kelly Net Worth is
$150 Million

R. Kelly Bio/Wiki 2017

The crowned king of R&B, Robert Sylvester Kelly, a.k.a R. Kelly is an American singer songwriter and record producer. Bump n Grind vocalist is has an estimated net worth of $150 Million. Produced in Chicago, Kelly is regarded as among the most powerful figures in R&B scene. R& B is broadly popular for his singles like I consider I could Fly, If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time, Gotham City & Your Body’s Callin. In his career he’s worked and recorded collectively with top stars like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Usher and a lot more to name some.

R Kelly Net Worth $150 Million

Kelly Grew up in Illinois with three sibs. His dad left the family when Kelly was still a toddler, so Kellys mother had to support all the three kids by her self. His mum has a wonderful voice and Kelly inherited his singing gift from his mom, so she took him to join the church choir. She’s talked Kelly into participating in the school talent show with a Stevie Wonder tune Ribbon in the Sky. The trail that Kelly began that night finally led him to international recognition and improved R. Kelly net worth to millions of dollars. But this success didn’t come per day. Before R&B earned recognition, Kelly used to sing in the streets and metro stations. Kelly went to win the grand prize of $100,000. Kelly’s first solo album 12 play premiered in 1993 and afforded the vocalists first Number 1 hit, Bump N Grind which remained a record breaking 12 weeks at number 1 on Popular R&B Singles chart. Following the success of 12 play Kelly discovered himself in huge demand as a mixer, producer and writer. Age Aren’t Nothing But a Number a popular record was entirely written and created by Kelly himself. The record peaked at number 18 on the billboard and sold over 3 Million copies in America.

In 1996, Kelly released among his most successful singles with I Believe I Can Fly, an inspirational tune initially released on the soundtrack for the movie Space Jam. Rolling Stone magazine identified it as the 406th of its top 500 songs ever. Since the success of Space Jams I Believe I Can Fly, Kelly acquired notoriety for writing songs to popular soundtracks like Batman & Robin (Gotham City) and Life (Fortunate). R. Kelly is believed to be among the most successful R&B artist in the last 25 years. R&B is among the best selling musician in the US with over 40 million records sold as well as 5th black musician to climb on the top 50 of Rolling Stone magazine. R&B.He continues to be named by VIBE the number one musical expert in the previous two decades in 2013. R&B has additionally received 24 Grammy nominations for his own performances, or for work he’s created for other artists, and he won three of the awards. Among the casualties, Christopher Mahoney, needed 110 facial stitches. Kelly settled the suit in 1998 for $250,000, as stated by the Chicago Sun-Times. In 2002 a video surfaced revealing Kelly having sex with the underage girl. later that year Kelly was suggested on 21 counts of having sex with a minor which afterwards reduced to child pornography, seven counts of videotaping the actions, and seven counts of making child pornography. R&B eventually went to trial in 2008, and at which point he was found not guilty of charges. Sadly, the 6 years between the accusations and the real trial did a little number on his standing. In overall Kelly paid over $7500000 towards legal conflicts.

R. Kelly fills his bank account with many sources, tune making, singing, and writing being few of them. Among the most successful sale for R&B was I believe I could fly which he sold for over $20 million. To have Kelly perform on any concert in US, he charge minimal fee of $300000, which sum doubles and sometimes even triples for any excursion outside US. Kelly’s first house was worth $1.3 million which he afterwards sold for $2.9 million. At present Kelly possesses a studio worth over $1 million and a Publishing house. He prefers high-end cars and is the proud holder of the Maybach 62S which cost mind boggling $1 million and has featured in a custom built Zoragy Sylvester. R&B also possesses a accredited Beretta pistol. Apart from having accused of having string of relationships with minor girls, Kelly’s dating history contain name of lovely girls like Deleon Sheffield, Bianca Darrington, Kim l. Dulaney, Tracy Sampson, Aaliyah, Maxinne Daniels. Lately R. Kelly and Woman gaga was pictured in undermining standing at a night club. Soon R&B king is rumored to be in relationship with Lady Gaga.


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